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AD 200 - Drinking water has been distilled from sea water since at least about AD 200 [D1] 1526 - Paracelsus used a water bath (called balneum Mariae by the alchemists) for the first time. It prevented the flask from cracking while heating up, and stabilized the liquid's temperature. The vapor cooling system was also improved. [D2]

1621 - bottling water began in the United Kingdom with the first water bottling at the Holy Well [B1]

1748 – Process of Osmosis through semipermeable membranes was first observed. [R1]

1767 - The first commercially distributed water in America was bottled and sold by Jackson's Spa in Boston [B1]

1771 - The German chemist Christian Ehrenfried Weigel invented an apparatus, the forerunner of the condensing equipment of today. [D2] 1797 - Captain Israel Williams of the improvised a way to distill water. [D1]

1798 - The earliest account of hydrogen gas having medicinal properties. [H1]

1809 - Joseph Hawkins was issued the first U.S. patent for "imitation" mineral water. [B1]

1850 - one of America's most popular bottlers, Saratoga Springs, was producing more than 7 million bottles of water annually. [B1]

1931 Research Started on Water Ionizer in Japan. [A1]

1940 - Hydrogen gas is used in deep sea diving since the 1940s to prevent decompression sickness. [H2]

1950 Gained Popularity [A1]

1950 – University of California at Los Angeles first investigated desalination of sea water using semipermeable membranes. [R1]

1965 – Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approved water ionizers as a “medical substance generator” which could help with gastrointestinal symptoms. [A1]

1975 - October - One of the earliest publications on hydrogen as a medical gas, by Dole and colleagues from Baylor University and Texas A&M [H2]

1977 – Cape Coral, Florida became the first municipality in the United States to use the RO process on a large scale with an initial operating capacity of 11.35 million liters (3 million US gal) per day. [R1]

1977 Perrier launched in the United States, from France. [B1]

1978 – Received approval from Korean FDA [A1]

1982 - The World Health Organization investigated the health effects of demineralized and its experiments in humans found that demineralized water increased diuresis and the elimination of electrolytes, with decreased serum potassium concentration. [D1]

1993 - A double-blind clinical study (193 people) conducted by the medical school of Kyoto University reported that there was no statistically significant improvement in the gastrointestinal symptoms of those drinking the alkaline ionized water, but a slight trend of improvement was observed. [A1]

1995 - Several studies have proven that drinking distilled water, stripped of minerals, can actually be harmful to the body system. Long-term consumption of such de-mineralized water can result in mineral deficiencies in the body [D3]

2007 -Feb - It takes 22 gallons of water to make one pound of plastic. In fact, it takes at least twice as much water to produce a plastic water bottle as the amount of water contained in the bottle. [B2]

2007 - Scientists and researchers understood that the therapeutic property in alkaline ionized water was hydrogen gas. Alkaline water ionizers were optimized and designed to produce alkaline water, not hydrogen gas. [A2]

2011 – June – North Dakota State University study showed that that household reverse-osmosis units use a lot of water because they have low back pressure. As a result, they recover only 5 to 15% of the water entering the system. [R1]

2012 April - Hydrogen gas has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on over 150 human diseases. [H3]

2014 – September, the initial meeting that started the process of developing Spring Aqua water.

2015 – Research and Product Development, Product Testing

2016 August – 3 Hazards commonly found in bottled water: Bisphenol A (BPA), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Phthalates [B3]

2016 – August – WIIPA – The best eco-friendly award, Japan

2016 – October: National Chiayi University test report confirming the micro clustering of Spring Aqua water.

2016 – November, Official Formation and Registration of Spring Aqua USA, in Seattle, WA

2016 – December: Approved and Certified by SGS (1st Approval) [S1]

2016 – December, Taipei City University of Science and Technology certified Spring Aqua Hydrogen at 1.458ppm (1.4mg/L-1.6mg/L) [S2]. Studies using hydrogen gas dissolved in water range from 0.5 mg/L to 1.6+ mg/L, with most studies using a concentration near 1.6 mg/L (0.8 mM). [S3]

2017 – January, Product Launch 1: Full comprehensive system was built for clean water that added health benefits with hydrogen, enhanced absorption (micro-clustered), minerals, and pH balance including alkaline water.

2017 – February, Spring Aqua USA first home installation completed.

2017 – April - Distilled water is drinking water that is considered as one of the purest forms of treated water. [D4]

2017 – July - Forbes We're now at a Million Plastic Bottles Per Minute - 91% Of Which Are Not Recycled [B4]

2017 – September - The global reverse osmosis market was valued at US$6.504 billion. [R2]

2018 – March: Product Launch 2: Spring Aqua Shower Filter, removing chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria. Adding minerals and using infrared technology to micro-cluster the water.

2018 – April: Collaborated Dr Oz and Health Corps at his home (1st year)

2018 – June: Approved and Certified by SGS (2nd Approval) [S1]

2018 – October: Approved and Certified by SGS (3rd Approval) [S1]

2018 – October – Dr Jill, MD, Functional Medicine Expert published an article 15-science-backed benefits of molecular hydrogen. [H4]

2019 – March, Product Launch of the new Ultra Enhanced Filtration water system “Eco system in box”, Gold and Red Box. Enhanced application of nano-technology and structured water

2019 – April – Collaborated Dr Oz and Health Corps at his ABC Studios. (2nd year)

2019 - December - Bottled water is the second most popular commercial beverage in the United States, with about half the domestic consumption of other soft drinks. [B1]

2019-2025 The global water purifier market size was valued at $31 billion 2018, and is expected to reach $58 billion by 2025. [S4]

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