Health Corps - Dr Oz

HealthCorps was founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz in 2003 to educate young people about mental and physical wellness. Their programs equip youth with the tools and knowledge to become resilient in mind and body for their long-term success and that of their community.

HealthCorps has always been in the business of prevention. Every child deserves a life free of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cardiac mortality, respiratory issues, cancer and more. Addiction, low self-esteem, depression and mental health problems rooted in societal disruptions, are preventable. HealthCorps students take charge of their lives and carry the baton of wellness to their family and friends.

In 2018 and 2019, Spring Aqua was invited to present their product, story, and vision to Dr. Oz and his board of advisors. Dr Oz and his staff provided advice for our company. We had the opportunity to build many new relationships and sponsored their 12th and 13th Annual Gala.

Above and Right - 2018 - Kenny (Spring Aqua Founder) with Dr. Mehmet Oz receiving mentorship at his home.

Below- 2019 - Kenny and Dallas (Spring Aqua (CTO) with Dr. Oz at his ABC Studios in New York City.