Welcome to Spring Aqua!

There are 4 important things to know!

  • Online Access Details
  • Spring Aqua Loyalty Program
  • Post Installation Instructions (Calibrating Your Water)
  • Learn more about your product.

Online Access: mywater.springaqua.com

Use your email address to login. The password will be the password you have already set up, if not by default it will be your first name (all lowercase).

The portal includes:

  • Filter Renewals and Maintenance
  • My Profile
  • Spring Aqua Customer Service

Spring Aqua Loyalty Program:

You are pre-enrolled in the Spring Aqua Loyalty program to receive 10% off on filter renewal purchases. You may opt-out of the Loyalty program by accessing your online account or emailing customerservice@springaqua.com.

Post-Installation Instructions:

Please read these instructions after your water unit has been installed

Learn more about your new product:

  • For educational videos (product education, why we are different, benefits, etc) click here
  • For FAQs (maintenance, reviews, product specifications, etc) click here