Filter Maintenance

How do I renew my filters?

Access your online account at to renew your filters.

Can I set my account up on Auto-Renewal Subscription?

Yes. Join the Spring Aqua Loyalty program by accessing your online account to set it up.

What is the warranty on filter renewals?

Filters are certified to last 12-18 months and are considered wear and tear. Therefore we can’t provide a warranty on filters due to the many variables that can change the filter's life cycle such as consumption volume and quality of the water in the area. By following the certified guidelines for filter localized configurations and proper maintenance schedules, the filter performance has exceeded many of our customer’s expectations.

What is the return policy on filter renewals?

Filter renewals can only be returned if they are new and unused, 15% restocking fee may be applied.

Can someone help switch out my filters?

Yes, you may request a local contractor/plumber to assist with changing the filters. Additional service fees will be paid directly to the contractor/plumber. You may contact Spring Aqua customer service for support.

Can I DIY my filter changes?

Yes, you can DIY filter changes. It is actually very easy to do! Detailed instructions are located here. An average filter change may take about 15-30 minutes to complete.