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Prices range from $1900-$4800 + tax and shipping predicated by the number of family/pets consuming the water per household, your city location and your water source (city tap water, water from the well, living close to sea water). This will help determine the proper customization so that we can give the correct recommendation.

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Shipping Edit
Where will you be receiving the filters?
Water Zone Edit
Based on where this machine will be installed will determine your zone and filter setup
Where will this water be serving?
How many people will be drinking the water?
Where will your system be installed?
Are you currently on well water?
Do you have a water softener or whole house filtration system installed now?
Do you have a whole house 5 micron system?
Installation Edit
Traveling Kit Edit
- 1 Additional Faucet 316L medical grade
- 1 Blue Pipe
- 1 White Pipe
- 1 Angle Stop Valve
Shower Filter Edit
50% off shower filters with the purchase of a new water system.
Out of stock (*estimated restock time 2-3 months)
- Removal of chlorine
- Removal of bacteria with nano silver
- Activated Carbon
- Maifanstone Minerals
- Structured Water