5 Surprising Dehydration Facts You May Not Know

Dehydration is characterized as the state in which the loss of water by the body exceeds its intake of water. To work normally, we need water for our bodies.

1. 100% of us are dehydrated now.

Of the thousands of patients he has seen over the past few years, not a single patient has tested positive for being hydrated, according to Dr. Zach Bush, MD.

2. Dehydrated driving is close to driving under the influence.

That's right, in a UK survey, drivers who were dehydrated were checked and found that they made twice as many mistakes on average as those who were hydrated. This is around the same amount of mistakes committed by drivers who have consumed alcohol at the legal limit. A reduction in attention and short term memory and a decrease in memory have been correlated with dehydration.

3. Just 15 ounces of water are drunk by US Youth Everyday.

US adolescents drink just 15 ounces of water on average each day, according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control. The same young people who consumed less water appeared to consume less milk, eat less fruit and vegetables, drink more drinks that were sweetened with sugar, eat more fast food, and have less physical activity.

4. In 20% of people with kidney stones, chronic dehydration is the cause.

A seminal study involving over 700 patients concluded that in over 20 percent of patients, chronic dehydration is a frequent cause of kidney stones and that this can be managed satisfactorily by simply increasing the intake of water. A markedly lower rate of recurrence was seen in patients with kidney stones who consumed more water.

5. Living without water for just 3-4 days

As recorded in Medical News Today, on average, without water, we can only survive for 3-4 days. Although this can vary, humans can survive without water for just a short period of time because the body needs it for almost every phase, including controlling body temperature, aiding digestion, lubricating joints and spinal cord, helping the brain make and use certain hormones, supplying oxygen, and eliminating waste. [1]

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[1] Hydration Foundation – 5 Surprising dehydration facts you may not know