5 Key Points of Hydration and Structured Water

In our modern surroundings, efficient hydration is an urgent need. Much more effectively than tap or bottled water, structured water hydrates. Here are five main variations between the structured phase and the regular or bulk phase:

The structured water phase: hydrates with less liquid, maybe up to 1 to 2/3rds less; matches water contained within cell membranes of all living things... that is us, microbiome, mitochondria, plants, animals, microbes in soils and seas; conducts electricity more deeply, for example, it is used to generate sonograms and cardiograms; light (sunshine and infrared, Pollack 2013) and sound waves (frequencies and vibrations) create water that is more structured. Fruits, vegetables, plant leaves, roots and seeds are rich with it; frequency and vibration can be understood as simple action, exercise, dance, or any sort of percussion.

These modern environments that are increasingly dehydrating, particularly with high use of electronic devices, mean that we need more hydration than we did 5 years ago. Since much of the water we guzzle is in the liquid process and is more difficult for our bodies to absorb, 8 glasses a day doesn't cut it. Instead, we share the many ways that formal hydration is facilitated. Some can seem like unexpected approaches to hydrate but they are time-tested and revered among many cultures.

Examples include consuming diets rich in vegetables, drinking teas and broths, the use of fats and minerals, the use of essential oil, all topical applications and inhalation, all ways of bathing, soaking, mud baths, as well as quiet time spent in our original habitat: nature.

Spring Aqua is collaborating with the Hydration Foundation to spread many new/old approaches to hydration as quickly as possible, for our vulnerable elderly, our children, our own capacities to solve our ecologies, the ecology inside of us and the precious ecology outside of us. [1]