Guide On How To Be Hydrated – Move Your Water

Move Your Water

To remain energized, water needs movement. Water needs to travel even within our bodies to have its effective cleansing and healing effect. How fast we travel has much more effect than we previously believed on our hydration. The human body is a hydraulic pump device that delivers hydration deeper into our tissues by pressing, twisting and contracting everything. Our spinal canal and joints are central to this hydraulic system, as is fascia, our sponge-like connective tissue found throughout our bodies, in fact there’s miles of it in there

Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau recently discovered Fascia to be not only our connective tissue, keeping us up and together like a crocheted sack, but a hidden irrigation system, a hidden electrical system, carried out by water, which instantly sends cell-to-cell contact. It's the inner internet of ours. It must be completely hydrated to function well.

So hydration is not only about drinking but also pumping it out of all our tissues and hydrating sufficiently to wonderfully run our electric current, without static or brownouts. This delivery of water and electricity begins with movement, also of the smallest type.

Micromovements Are Easy and Fun

Small, fast, do-at-your-desk motions that get your hydration going, get your brain sharp, your joints unkinked, your tissues released from all that hunching over keyboards and steering wheels have been developed by the Hydration Foundation. Visit their website for tips and tricks on how to move your water in the section on Move. With hydration techniques (more than just drinking!) you’ll skip the afternoon fatigue, dissolve brain fog, remain limber, and even sleep better. In the morning, when you get up to face a new day, you won’t creak out of bed or lose steam by 11 am.[1]

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