Why Minerals Are Essential for Hydration

Where Toxin Removal Really Comes From

Minerals function for proper molecule formation with water

At Spring Aqua and the Hydration Foundation, water and hydration are our issues, so why would we worry about minerals? Since minerals, crystals in themselves, couple or bond with water molecules to provide instructions for all cells to deliver energy, frequency and information.

Water simply sorts and offers guidance for proper molecular formation from rocks, for the shape and job each molecule can do. Water provides the correct amount of energy and knowledge for the next task necessary, based on its own molecular arrangements or structure. Water tunes and harmonizes the minerals' crystal frequencies, producing the correct volume and amount of details.

For proper molecular formation and energy transfer, a mineral deficient diet essentially means the loss of incoming information. Chaotic configurations of molecules often suggest weak cell signaling or communication. The outcome for humans? Tiredness, exhaustion, inflammation, not enough healing capacity.

Minerals plus water are the fundamental elements, the mother/father combination necessary for life to ignite, spark and flow. Without water minerals stay inactive. Without minerals water is like a blank slate waiting for instructions. Of course, that is a simplification of a more sophisticated and ingenious system. Here is a bit of a “chicken first, or egg first” quality to our understanding. We don’t know whether the minerals ignite the change of structure in water molecules, reorganizing water’s shape, or the structure of the water allows minerals to activate and create their electron transfer. Best to say for now that minerals and water are in relationship, responding to each other simultaneously.

Minerals must move through molecules of water that are a liquid crystal itself. To tune, amplify, harmonize and balance outgoing energy and knowledge, all work together. Minerals are also important guidelines for correcting the formation and function of molecules, and organized water serves as a circuit board for where and how much energy is distributed. It was established in a recent publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science that the transfer of protons and electrons results from the molecular arrangement of water. We already know that water comes in various molecular arrangements from our own childhood: vapor, liquid, ice. (Marichal, 2011) Water itself tells us that these types are molecules that are rearranged. A snowflake is a visual picture of this fact for us. Per snowflake shows its own arrangement. We know from Sassen's work that "melting snowflakes unexpectedly backscatter large amounts of depolarized energy" (Sassen, Nature 255: 1975). The water within us does the same rearrangement and distribution, in short, orders, of energy generating signals and transmission of information.

To organize all the structures of our bodies, the structure and organization of water molecules is important. And it is important to realize that we have disorganized water molecules and drained our soils of minerals by water treatment facilities and pollution.