Hydrogen - How It Works

Hydrogen (Neutralizes Free Radicals)

It is recommended to drink anywhere between 1.0 mg/L - 3.0 mg/L of hydrogen water for therapeutic effect (source: Molecular Hydrogen Foundation). Spring Aqua clean water technology is specially designed to generate negative hydrogen ion water, 1.4 mg/L - 1.6mg/L, and creates water with up to -750mv redox potential (ORP), providing our water with exemplary antioxidant properties. and capable of donating electrons to harmful radicals in the body and preserve cellular health.


An example of a negative hydrogen ion "donating" one of its electrons to a harmful radical, that otherwise would steal it from the body. The -H ion is actually able to stop the radical from "stealing" an electron from within the body’s cells, helping the body’s cells maintaining their health and performance.

Its all about the H.

Drinking 1 Liter of Spring Aqua (about 4 glasses a day) has the same antioxidant effects as consuming the following amount of fruits and vegetables: