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WET 5 Calibration

After installation has been completed, flush the water for 15 both handles together.

WET 5 water from either handle faucet produces clean, structured water, remineralized, and 7.4-7.8pH

Applicational use: cooking, coffee, tea, soaking salads, and drinking water.

Important Information

Double check to make sure there are no leaks in the machine by taking a flash light and lifting up the side panels to shine inside to see. This will be a good thing to do periodically during the first 2 weeks of the filter use while the water system is naturally pressurizing. Doing a good inspection is the best prevention

The faucet is 316L medical grade stainless steel. It may have a slight drip. It is not a leak. The water is highly structured. So may cause a slight drip.

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