Product Technology

Spring Aqua takes regular tap water and creates water that is clean, hydrating and life promoting. Our filters remove all harmful chemicals and contaminants, but that’s only the beginning. In addition to properly structuring the water, we boost its power by adding dissolved molecular hydrogen, which is stabilized, unlike tablets and ionizers.

Hydrogen enhanced water is a powerful antioxidant. Spring Aqua water has a hydrogen concentration of 1.4 to 1.6 ppm/L. One liter of water may be equal to consuming 750 bananas, or 35 carrots, or 4 bags of spinach in antioxidant value. If you noticed the similarity between the terms hydrogen and hydration, that’s because hydration is all about getting the hydrogen into the cells. The dense, organized molecular structure is what allows that hydrogen to be effectively taken in and utilized.

The third element missing in most filtered water is the minerals that get stripped out. Spring Aqua replenishes them in a bio-available ionized form.

Structure. Hydrogen. Ionized Minerals.

This is the WET Technology. It uses no electricity, no plastic bottles, and no water is wasted. It is an award-winning eco-friendly product (recognized by the WIIPA World Invention Intellectual Property Associations) and certified by SGS, the world’s largest provider of inspection, verification, testing, and certification services. Our filter certification data is publicly available.

We want YOU to Rediscover Real Hydration.

"You can drink less with Spring Aqua, yet be better hydrated."
-- Gina Bria, Founder of Hydration Foundation