WET 3 - RV/Boat Hydration System

Certified by SGS
Trusted by Blue Bottle Love
Powered by Awake Technology
Recommended by Organic Healthy Life
Recommended by Hydration Foundation
Awarded: The Best Eco-Friendly Award
by WIIPA - World Invention Intellectual
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Experience Clean, Hydrating and Life Promoting Water

Product Specifications

WET Technology
WET Technology 3
Product Name
RV/Boat Hydration System
Technology Release Date
March 2019
Structured Water
Single Layered Process
Minerals (with Maifan Stone)
Pure Grade
Hydrogen (Mega Antioxidant - 1L/Day)
Dissolved Hydrogen 1.4-1.6ppm
Hydrogen Water Output
1 gallon per hour
Filter Design
Multiuse Filters
Types of Water
Singular Functional Water
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
(-750)mv +/- 100
Nano Tech (cleans & disinfects)
Singular Nano Tech
Filter Maintenance
12 months, 10-11 Filters + Pre Filters (price determined by zip code zone)
Purchase Price
Right Handle Water: Structured, Mineral and alkaline pH 9.0-9,5 (drinking, antioxidant)
Recommended Set up: RV, Boats, Homes, and not recommended for long term "well" water customers.
No electricity
No water wasted
No plastic bottles