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Kayden (Maui, HI) January 2021 - by Google Reviews

I just want to share my experience of having Spring Aqua Water as my drinking and cooking Water of choice. The first sip I ever had of Spring Aqua , it felt as if the Water wanted to dive into me!! YES!! The smooth and satisfying feel of this Water is due to its superior hydrating qualities. I am a full on fan, and I love sharing this water with others that come into my home. This water tastes even more exceptional when I fill up my Blue Bottle Love water bottles! What an ideal combination! Super Clean, Structured, Hydrogen Rich Alkaline Blue Solar Water!! I feel blessed to be able to share this Water with others. Everyone that tries it is in LOVE!! Thank you Kenny for following the your divine calling to bring Spring Aqua to so many people so they can wake up to what Water from the tap can be transformed into through WET technology! Truly Remarkable!!

Jeremy (Kirkland, WA) December 2020 - by Google Reviews

Fantastic water quality and wonderful customer service. Would recommend to anyone wanting healthy, high-quality, and purest available water. My entire family notices the difference now that we use this system for our drinking water throughout the day. Sales and install folks were informed, polite, punctual, and efficient. Highly recommend.

Tyler (Scottsdale, AZ) October 2020 - by Google Reviews

I have been using Spring Aqua for awhile with my friends system, and decided to we needed to get one for our family. The benefits we have seen from structured water is amazing, and my family is feeling better than ever! This is the best filter water system for incorporating hydrogen into your water, and being able to drink clean filtered water without getting rid of the vital minerals your body needs. I can’t say enough good things, just buy it, and thank me later!

Mike (Cartersville, GA) August 2020 - on Yelp Reviews

The Spring Aqua filter system is amazing. It provides high-quality clean tasting water right in my kitchen. Not only is the hydrogen water particularly valuable from a health and wellness standpoint, the water is remineralized and structured and it's light and easy to drink as much as I like. My cats like it too!

Merrilee (Upland, CA) March 2020 - on Yelp Reviews

The Spring Aqua filter system is amazing. It provides high-quality clean tasting water right in my kitchen. Not only is the hydrogen water particularly valuable from a health and wellness standpoint, the water is remineralized and structured and it's light and easy to drink as much as I like. My cats like it too!

John (Hartford, CT) February 2020 - Reviews

“Amazing water technology. So many of my friends are drinking it. Initially I thought the price was high, but after doing the math of how much I was spending on buying water, it turns out that Spring Aqua was totally worth it. What convinced me was when I tried the water, it tasted great and I knew it would benefit my health.”

Michael (Las Vegas, NV) October 2019 - Reviews

“Vegas install complete, another happy & healthy customer. My story: I had one of these when living in New York, I recently moved to Vegas, my pets and I got very sick without the Spring Aqua Water. Called Kenny, explained the situation and we are fully up and running and well again. Thanks Kenny & Spring Aqua, 🙏💯God Bless!”

Mike (Huntsville, AL) August 2019 - Reviews

“I’ve been using the spring aqua water for about six months now and it’s still amazing! If ever I’m away from it for a day or two and come back it’s like “I can’t believe how good this is!” The comments from people I share the water with her all that it’s either the best they’ve ever tasted or they’re just amazed with it.”

Steve (Seattle, WA) May 2019 - on Yelp Reviews

I'm not the type of person that drinks water on a daily basis, but since my health freak wife purchased the system I can't live without the water. The reason for the change was I never really liked the taste of bottle or tap water, but Spring Aqua's water tastes so clean & pure. I drink it religiously now & my allergies & dry skin during the winter & spring have decreased. We filled Spring Aqua water in these glass bottles & it's gone by the afternoon. I also had my mom drink it & it's been helping w/ her knee pain. Please try it out and you won't regret it.

Mark (Phoenix, AZ) March 2019 - Reviews

“Hey Guys....just a shout out to Spring Aqua. We absolutely love the new machine we now have. Installation went well....Scott is a great installer. The support team has always been right there to answer any and all questions. Could not be happier. The water tastes great and we are now enjoying the benefits of super clean high alkaline and negative hydrogen ion water. This is truly an investment in ourselves that we wish we had know about many years ago. Anyways two thumbs up to the entire Spring Aqua team!!!'”

Kelvin (Seattle, WA) December 2018 - on Yelp Reviews

Have had the water machine for just under two years. Love the water and how clean it tastes!

Mary (Kirkland, WA) July 2018 - on Yelp Reviews

We purchased this system last September after doing about 4 months of research and are so happy we did. We offer it to all of our patients and clients at HealthWithin Wellness Center. Best pure, clean, safe drinking water with the benefits of H2. Kenny the founder is passionate about bringing safe, clean therapeutic water to the masses. If you are buying bottled water it's a "no brainer" if not what is your health worth to you? Our water is toxic!

Connie (Bellingham, WA) January 2018 - on Yelp Reviews

This water filtration is so good that my husband and I put one not only in our house but our RV and in our bunkhouse in Alaska. Three machines and I want another one for my apartment in our other location in Alaska. Yes it's that good. Once you start drinking this pure, safe, clean water, and do your research on the dangers of bottled and or tap water, you cannot drink anything else.

Lauren (New York City, NY) January 2018 - on Yelp Reviews

I really love this water. My gym on the UES installed in August and it has absolutely changed the lives of people who are drinking it. Installed was quick and professional. This is an unrivaled machine. Everyone needs to drink this water!

Mark (Tempe, AZ) December 2017 - on Yelp Reviews

I've researched the health benefits that can be had by introducing purified high alkaline negative ion water into our bodies. This was a total investment in our families present and future health and of utmost importance to us. We could not be more pleased with the great tasting clean water produced by this extremely high quality "eco system in a box". So happy with the machine, that we bought two machines, one for our main home and one for our summer get away home. Crazy as it seems, we delay drinking water elsewhere so we can drink our ion water from home.... or we bottle the water for our trips out and about. We never buy water anymore! Do the research and you will find this to be the best water machine out there. Just to know we are being proactive with our health is a wonderful feeling. We love it!